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The DA’s 8 week transformation program is for any and everyone looking to make a lifestyle change with fitness.  Purchase my plan today to eliminate the “What do I do” and “How to I eat” questions when you are starting your fitness journey, or just stuck and need some guidance.  You can easily follow the daily workouts from the your Iphone or Android Apps!

Track your progress, NUMBERS DON’T LIE!  With the apps we use clients can easily track their progress through their personal profile. (You will also PRIVATELY see logged workout activity, personal records, progress photos, and more...)

No more guessing what to do!  DA has made it so that you will have access to 6 workouts a week for 8-weeks. Workouts can be easily followed on the iPhone or Android apps!

Increase your strength and mobility!  DA’s workouts began with a movement prep warm-up that caters to the workout for that day.  This helps reduce the risk of injuries and furthers prepares you for your workout.  

Super Easy to Follow Schedule!  Once you purchase your plan, you will be able to create a workout schedule to easily see and log the workout!

When you don’t check in with your trainer (meaning when you miss a schedule workout), YOUR TRAINER WILL CHECK IN WITH YOU!!!!!




Benefits of Purchasing this Workout Plan:


  • 24/7 Access

  • Exercise and Demonstration Videos

  • Schedule & Receive Workout Reminders

  • Available on iPhone & Android devices

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